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WOI Membership

WORLD OF INCENTIVES was founded in 1994 in Geneva, Switzerland by a Group of DMCs with the purpose of joint promotion of Incentives and Meetings. WORLD OF INCENTIVES provides support for the meeting and incentive planner through a fine selection of creative DMCs and the provision of extraordinary ideas for incentives and events. Each of the DMCs offers professional management services for high quality events, catering to incentive and meeting markets throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and USA.

The Members of WORLD OF INCENTIVES enjoy exclusivity in their particular destination / region and the strict selection process allows the group to maintain its high standards and ensures meeting planners of only top-quality referrals. Once a member, the DMC receives a multitude of benefits including joint promotion at key industry trade shows, international telemarketing initiatives and sales calls in targeted markets.

The Head Office of WORLD OF INCENTIVES is in Switzerland and is supported by the General Secretary, Mrs Christine FOURNIER ( who is based in the UK. The Chairman of the group, Ms Lucia BELLAMIO ( is supported by an Executive Committee that is committed to keeping WORLD OF INCENTIVES a highly dedicated, enthusiastic and "democratic" network where plans and activities are constantly discussed with all members and adapted to new developments.