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The Republic of Armenia is situated at the eastern border of Turkey in the southern part of Caucasus. It is a small north-eastern part of an extensive high-mountainous area of the Armenian Upland. The latter, being located in the Alp-Himalayan mountain system, was called an "Island of mounts" (Berginsel) in a figurative expression of the German researcher. During millenniums natural forces have created remarkable monuments of nature in the Armenian Upland. Some of them belong to a history of human civilization - covered by myths and legends: Biblical Mount Ararat and Lake Van (situated in the territory of modern Turkey), mount Aragats and the pearl of mounts - Lake Sevan (situated in nowadays Armenia).

The Armenian people represent one of the most ancient modern nations. We encounter with the titles of country "Arminiya" and people "Armina" for the first time in cuneiforms of Persian king Dareh I (522-486 BC).

The self-title of Armenians - "hai", hypothetically has evolved from the title of the "Hayasa" people. The country of "Hayasa" and its people are mentioned on clay Hittite plate, dated back to the second millenary B.C., it was founded at the ruins of the Hittite capital - Hattusham. The formation of ethnic appearance of the Armenian people and the Armenian tongue was over in VI-V centuries BC. Then, by the evidence of Strabon, all people, inhabiting the Armenian Upland, spoke in one tongue - Armenian.

During thousands of years many events have taken place in Armenia. And probably the most important and far-reaching one was the adoption of Christianity 1703 years ago. In 301, at king Tiridates III, Armenia became the first state in the world, where Christianity was officially proclaimed as a unique state religion. The first Catholicos of all Armenians Grigor the Illuminator was consecrated a saint. The place for building the main cathedral of the Armenian Church - Echmiadzin - was specified by Jesus Christ in a vision to St. Grigor the Illuminator. Wood and stone for building the cathedral were brought from the Mount Ararat, where Noah has landed with his ark. Nowadays a particle of Noah's Ark, placed into a precious cross, is stored in the treasury of Echmiadzin with other relics and handwritten gospels.

The creation of the Armenian alphabet by the Armenian scientist and enlightener Mesrop Mashtots in 405 AD was one of the most remarkable and influential events for Armenia and for development of Armenian culture and history. The first words written in Armenian sounded symbolically, calling "to learn wisdom and exhortation, to understand sayings of reason".

Armenia, situated on the crossing of roads between East and West, has always been a place of collisions between the great empires of antiquity and middle ages. Rome, Persia, Byzantium, Arabs, Seljuks and the Mongols passed through Armenia, sometimes interrupting its cultural development for centuries, clothing the land with smoked ruins. Regardless of everything, confronting each of the potent incomers, Armenian people, leaning on Faith, tongue and writing, have stood, saving faithfulness to the culture.

Armenia is a real open-air museum both concerning monuments of nature and the cultural heritage - a country open for all. For the admirers of antiquity and art it is difficult to find a better treasury of rarities, than Armenia. The pagan sanctuaries and Urartu strongholds, cave cities and castles, hidden on high mountains, gorges-galleries, guarding collections of bas-reliefs, and unique frescos in the deserted and acting monasteries - it is difficult to enumerate everything, that a tourist can see here. Generously scattered on the ancient land of Armenia there are thousands of ancient monuments - surprisingly manifold and not similar to anything ever seen before.

Thousands of people come to Armenia. Everyone would like to see the famous Zvartnots, touch the stones of Garni, heated by the sun, whose history counts not one millenary, try waters from springs and mineral sources. And nobody happens to be deceived in the expectations. Armenia gifts the visitors with its diversified impressions. But most important is an acquaintance to the masters of this land, meeting Armenian hospitality. Visitors to our homes are always welcome. Visiting Armenia once would be a reason of choosing our country as a returning point.

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