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Blue Danube 1Austria, located in the centre of Europe, is a country of endless contrasts. The beauty of the Alps is a main topic of focus while the Danube Valley has been stealing the breath from travellers for many years. The country is as well known for its fantastic winter sports and historic jewels as it is for its awe-inspiring scenery and local customs.   

The likes of legendary composers Mozart and Strauss and world renowned psychologist, Freud originate from this beautiful country and been inspired by its atmosphere to create works of art which have been remembered for centuries. Beethoven also lived and died here.  So don't expect to visit Austria without being blown away by its magnificence and elegance. Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, offers a historical magic and being a UNESCO World Heritage centre, is complete with a snowy backdrop and traditional, fairytale village.MAK A royal event 1

Vienna (the Capital) is the place where the spirit of Austria's biggest history is still alive - it is a magnificent City with its ornate Opera House and the imperial Hofburg.  But Vienna is also an interesting mix of old and new with its cutting edge bars and cafes. 

Innsbruck, the "Capital of the Alps" is the sports metropolis of Austria. Besides having hosted two Winter Company Ski RaceOlympics and being appointed for the 1st Youth Winter Olympic Games 2012, the city also boasts a proud and rich cultural history dating back 2000 years.  Recent innovations by the famous contemporary architect Mrs. Zaha Hadid have put Innsbruck on the map with other international cities. Due to the world famous Swarovski Crystal Worlds located just a few kilometres away, the capital of the Alps is ready to shine for another millennium.

During the winter season: Advent and Christmas customs, musical events, carol Christmas Marketsrecitals, Christmas Markets, Nativity exhibitions, St. Nicholas and Christmas processions are the main attractions for locals and guests alike. Springtime offers: carnival folklore and Easter tombs. In summer, highlights such as the International Dance Summer, Innsbruck Festival of Early Music, the New Orleans Festival or weekly local performances attract many visitors and you should definitely be one of them!

Austria - definitely worth a visit!

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