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The Bulgarian lands have rich and most diverse cultural heritage. Inhabited since prehistoric times, they keep lasting traces from different ages with rich traditions. Their location on a crossroads explains the intertwining, mixing, the mutual influences of the culture, mores, and religions of tribes and peoples, having lived and crisscrossed the region. Getting in touch with the thousands of cultural messages, bequeathed to us by those living before us is very exciting indeed. Invaluable is the cultural and historical heritage of ancient Thracians, Greeks, Romans, of generations of Bulgarians leaving through their achievements intriguing and useful information about their lifestyle, traditions and their spiritual enlightenment.

One of the earliest traces from Antiquity were found in the Bacho Kiro Cave close to the Dryanovo Monastery. These are flint and bone implements of labour and pottery from the middle and late Paleolithic Age. Of value to science are the finds from the settlement mounds near the village of Hotnitsa (Hotnitsa treasure) and the village of Karanovo (Karanovo settlement mound). The gold objects found in the VarnaChalcolithic necropolis have been described as the oldest processed gold in the world. The most ancient copper mines in Europe have been found in the vicinities of Stara Zagora. Copper ore had been mined in their galleries as far back as at the end of the 5th millennium B.C. and copper products were made. Featuring among the preserved masterpieces of the late prehistoric art in the Balkan Peninsula are the unique cave drawings in the Magoura Cave (northwest of Belogradchik).

Among the most precious relics unearthed in the Bulgarian lands has been the cultural heritage of the Thracians, who had produced incredible artistic and architectural masterpieces. The Thracian art, passing through a long and complicated path of development from the beginning of the late Bronze Age to the end of Antiquity has left remarkable treasures, temples, sanctuaries and cities.

The magnificence of the Thracian treasures is stunning. Standing out among them are the Panagyurishte gold treasure, the Rogozen treasure, the Vulchitrun gold treasure, the Borovo silver treasure, the Vratsa treasure, etc. Valuable and beautiful with their exquisite decorations are also the Kralevsko gold treasure, the Letnitsa treasure, the Lukovit treasure.

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