Discover a range of stimulating group tour programmes built around the Mediterranean Culinary experience, Pilgrimages following the footsteps of distinguished spiritual leaders, breathtaking Biking and Hiking Routes, and Archaeological Wonders which mark the majestic history of the ancient land of Cyprus.

. Tantalize your taste buds with Cypriot Cuisine…..
Sip on some brandy and nibble on a some sunflower seeds or 'passatempo' as the Cypriots call them. Savour the flavour and aroma of various traditional dishes, creamy moussaka, fragrant stuffed vine leaves and succulent barbecues. Taking a glance at its history and proves how various empires, invasions, foreign settlers and traders have brought their culinary influences to Cyprus.

. Retrace the footsteps of Christian Leaders….
Visit the crossroads of influential Apostles, Saints and Missionaries that have left their mark on the Island throughout the centuries. Churches and shrines, relics and holy places of worship define the strong presence of Christianity on the Island. For the ultimate spiritual experience combine you visit to Cyprus with a cruise to the Holy Land of Israel, just a short journey to the birthplace of Jesus.

. Cycle or Trek your way through every scenery….
Find a path that suits your adventure amongst unspoiled wild countryside and villages, panoramic views of the mountains outstretching the coast, Take the opportunity to absorb the mythology, history and culture while enjoying the nature trails by foot and bike.

. Travel through the Centuries of History and Heritage…..
Take a journey though history and visit the remnants of civilizations come and gone. Venetian Walls protecting the city, Phoenician kingdom of Kition, Byzantines Churches and Ottoman Mosques are a few of the contributions to what forms Cyprus and its people today.


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