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The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a historic jewel, located at the heart of Europe. Despite its small size, the country has something to offer absolutely everyone! Its land is covered with: tranquil spa resorts, picturesque country parks, indescribable castles and palaces, remarkable towns, a wealth of customary cuisine and many more opportunities for fun and relaxation. Also, the country is the home of some of the world's finest (and some would say best) beer.

There are a limitless amount of activities to partake in, inside of the Czech Art Noveau in Prague 2Republic. Why not try your luck at skiing or snowboarding in the snowy mountains? Or maybe even rock climbing? Many who travel to this beautiful country enjoy indulging in: visits to TelÄ, to admire its beautiful Renaissance architecture; the strange yet intriguing caves and underground rivers of the Moravian Karst; and observing the natural, scenic views in Å umava National Park.

The country's capital, Prague, is quite simply one of the most stunning cities in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage listed gem, eulogised as the 'City of a Thousand Spires'. With its quaint medieval streets, youthful style and cultural vibrancy it is more enjoyable than many other Eastern European Cities.

Prague Venice Magical Cruising 3The city of Prague is based around an impressively well preserved historic core, the castle being the wondrous centre piece. But not only does it have a breath-taking backdrop, there are several easy day trips: stopping for a fortifying glass of the country's treasured beers; shopping in boutique stores; visiting the historic towns of MÄ lník and Kutná Hora; or chilling out in the amazing spa resort of Vary, KarlÅitejn and KonopiÅitÄ castles.  Whether its snacking on some local food under the Charles Bridge, rowing down the river or trudging across the snow covered, cobbled streets of the Old Town Square, Czech's Capital City has something for everyone.

The Czech Republic is a country that seldom disappoints and if you choose to hold your meeting or incentive here, you won't regret it!

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