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Cooking Class at the Hotel CiprianiIn Italy you will find an ideal blend of art, tradition, excellent food and fun with every season of the year, that combine to provide unforgettable experiences. With its grand mix of cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and captivating atmosphere, Italy is everything you could possibly ask for in a destination. Did you know that hundreds of poets and painters, from around the world, have been inspired by the beauty of Italy? In fact, Italy is the home of more than half of the world's artistic heritage.

Italy is famous for its magnificent cities: VeniceThe Magic of Venice a Treasure Hunt, Florence, Siena, Naples, Rome and so many others. Take Venice, for example. La Serenissima (The Divine Republic) is made up of 116 minuscule islands, linked together by 409 bridges. Boats are the sole form of transport in this north-eastern city because cars are banned altogether, even for the police and emergency services!  It's easy to slip back through the centuries while floating down the canals and admiring some grandiose buildings and awe inspiring architecture.

Vatican CityAnother example is Rome; one of the world's fashion capitals. Obviously, with a history spanning over two and a half thousand years, the countries' capital is immersed with exquisite historical landmarks: the Coliseum, built between 70 and 72 AD is the largest amphitheatre built in the Roman Empire and used to host gladiator contests and public spectacles; Vatican City, home of the Pope and Saint Peter's Square; the Pantheon, originally built in the year 125 during Hadrian's rule and intended as a temple to the Gods of Ancient Rome; Trevi Fountain, it's thought that if you throw a coin in the pool, you're guaranteed a return to Rome; and the Spanish Steps, the largest and widest steps in Europe. Rome is a prime example of Italy's brilliance.

In addition to the more noticeable places to visit, Italy has some wonderous hidden jewels. From the medieval hill towns, like San Gimignana in Tuscany to the traditional fishing villages like Positano. It goes without saying that the country isTuscany2 well known to produce some of the world's finest wines. Tourists are given the opportunity to see these works in progress by visiting vineyards, located in numerous places around the country or maybe even attend workshops to witness crafts being made perfectly by hand. It goes without saying that Italy contains luxurious beaches: sun, sand and sea to make your journey amazing. However, it also offers the complete opposite to this. The Dolomite Mountains are a fantastic place for winter sports enthusiasts to spend their time.

Full of world renowned landmarks, breath-taking scenery, sandy beaches, an intriguing history and delicious cuisine, Italy is an amazing choice for an incentive programme or a meeting. This country is definitely worth a visit!

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