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Traditional BuildingMorocco, a country that has been staunchly independent throughout history yet remained open minded and ready to accept change. Hence, explaining its multicultural mixture of heritage, religions and languages.

Located in north-west Africa, with Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, Morocco has a stunning view of the sea. Simply looking to the horizon lets you know exactly where you are: notice the rugged fortifications, sparkling coastline, silken sand and canyons carved out of the High Atlas Mountains. If a view could be perfect… then this would be it.

As a result of being influenced by the Romans, Arabs and Europeans, variousLocal Building historical monuments can be found all over the country. All through time, travelers have braved the heat and hiked the mountains in search of majestic Morocco. What they find, and what you will find, should you choose to vist, is royal palaces, extraordinary oasis and masses of hospitality. But not only does Morocco dazzle you with its architecture and history, it has many other popular sites: medinas (old towns), the Tuareg trading post and ancient mellahs (Jewish quarters).

Local PeopleIt's surprising how easily Morocco warps all sense of time and place as you enjoy admiring and appreciating the minute details of your visit: sliding into a comfortable caftan on the beach; relaxing in a hammam (steam bath) at the end of a long, rewarding week; or tucking into your traditional tagine (stew). Sometimes, it's the little things that make the entire journey worthwhile.

Camel and local boyWhether you've come to the country to relax, explore or experience the country and sites, the locals will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and exceed your expectations! No matter where you go, you will always hear: Ahlanwasahlan, you are welcome in Morocco!  

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