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The geographical situation of Spain makes this country a perfect destination to host international business events, as the authenticity and diversity of Spain can't be compared to any other European country.
Its wonderful weather is ideal to celebrate events along the year, due to its sunny and soft winters, nice autumns and mild summers. But it is in spring when the country reaches its maximum splendor.


The saying says: "when in Rome do as The Romans do" and, in Madrid you just do it! It is a place to make the most of it or, as we say, "vivir a tope". And its 2.800 sunshine hours help a little to make it possible.
Although Madrid is becoming a modern city, there is also place to enjoy its tradition side, what makes the people of Madrid live somehow like in the old times.
Madrid is formed by "barrios", and each neighborhood has its own atmosphere. There is even one business "barrio" called "Little Manhattan".
The best time to visit Madrid is spring or autumn, but even in winter, you can enjoy sunny days and the summer heat is also charming.
Madrid has several Congress Centers that can host up to 5.500 people and the city can provide you with more than 40.000 accommodations in 5* and 4* hotels.


Barcelona is a kind and warm city, practical and easy to know. Fashion, Arts, fine hotels and restaurants have transformed the city into the most cosmopolitan city of Spain.
Barcelona keeps on growing and changing in a very avant-garde and particular way. Progress never stops and its urban development of the city is getting ready to carry out a gigantic project: the enlargement of the international airport, located 20 minutes from the city center, in order to double its capacity. It is planned that the end of the works will coincide with the incorporation of Barcelona to the European High-Speed Rail.
The people of Barcelona know how to enjoy life and, at the same time, they are competitive, enterprising, hard workers, cultured and polite. Barcelona is also business initiatives scenery, a showcase for new products and a place to train employees. It offers a great number of hotel accommodations and a great variety of services for any type of corporative event.


From olden days, Valencia has been recognized for its light, its sailing spirit and fertile lands. By the Mediterranean Sea, its soft and sunny weather is the perfect example of the Mediterranean way of life where the tradition and modernity combines to create one the most amazing and unknown destinies in Europe. Its Mediterranean nature makes Valencia a place for fun, work dynamics, business activity and economic growth.
Its modern facilities have made Valencia the ideal place to host some of the main international events such as the America's Cup, the 5th World Family Meeting and the European F1 Grand Prix.

Valencia is a perfect place to celebrate big and small incentive events due to its hotel variety and venues.


Andalusia, the south of Spain, is for most people, the spirit and mind of the Spanish way of life. It is one of the most spectacular destinations all over the world due to its wide cultural offer, landscapes, people, weather, gastronomy, wines and sport activities. Discover its beautiful historical centers such as Málaga, Sevilla, Granada and Córdoba and its wonderful Arabian architecture or visit Costal del Sol, famous for its warm weather, its gorgeous spas, fantastic beaches and the best golf courses in Europe.
Travel through Andalusia's heart by Jeep and discover its little towns like Mijas or Ronda, which have been a truly inspiration for all kinds of artists. Nowadays Andalusia is a modern area with well-developed infrastructures and great accommodations, congress centers and all kinds of places for all kinds of events.


Bilbao is a new city that has moved its center to a ria, which was considered some years ago a careless place. Nowadays, like an amazing transformation, that industrial city has become a service capital and a touristic and modern spot, due to some facts like the new underground, design by Norman Foster, the airport of Calatrava and the Euskalduna Congress Palace, a very 53.000 squared-meter conceptual building that is considered the masterpiece of the city's renovation.
Gourmets used to visit this city before Frank Gehry created the sinuous Guggenheim Museum. Its minimal old center, known as "The seven streets", is full of "tascas" where you can eat and have some "tapas" among the singing "txikiteros", that usually come together to praise four of the great passions of the people in Bilbao: the food, the "txikitos" (local white wine), the choral song and the cult of friendship. Bilbao has always been a cosmopolitan city, tolerant and open for everyone, no matter where they come from. A higher number of hotel accommodations and the ultimate technologies are vital to organize an event. In addition, the Bilbao Exhibition Center is more than just a fairground due to its versatile structure.


Surrounded by the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands show their magic along a unique archipelago known for its diversity and subtropical beauty. A complete universe where the spring weather is absolutely real during the twelve months of the year.
El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, all of these islands are spectacular and different at the same time. The visitor will be seduced by a wide range of possibilities, among them you will find the best hotel offer and the highest quality activities related to entertainment, culture and nature.

Deeply marked by its volcanic origin, the Canary Islands are a genuine paradise that invites you to scape and relax, and it is just a 2 hours flight for the capital and 4 hours from the main European cities.
Due to its Congress Palace, spectacular venues and its incredible accommodation capacity, the Canary Islands can host 2.500 people events!


The Balearic archipelago has a Mediterranean weather with slight variations in each region of the islands. Its 300 sunshine hours make the Balearic Islands one of the most pleasant areas in Europe.
The Islands fascinate and amaze every visitor, due to their different and native personality, and every region has something in common: it is hard to leave them without wanting to come back again.
It is a magnificent place to celebrate congresses and conventions because you may find the adequate facilities and an environment full of incentives which make the islands the perfect host for great national and international meetings. The Balearic Islands offer a wide and complete accommodation offer, from coasts, mountains to countryside and cities for all tastes.



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