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Switzerland has a great deal to offer: cultural diversity, multilingualism, stunning scenery and, of course, its people !
The success of a meeting depends on the quality of its social program. For only those who feel well looked after can perform to the best of their ability. Switzerland has an enormous variety of attractions Sports, culture, wellness, and shopping, active pursuits, passive pleasures Best of all, you can find everything on your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Give your participants the very best that our country has to offer.

Switzerland offers a rich choice of destinations, mountain or lakeside resorts and cosmopolitan cities, all set amidst a spectacular countryside of mountains and glaciers, rolling hills, and scenic lakes. You can scale the highest peaks - by cable car or historic rack railways. Drive over mountain passes. Sail on placid lakes. Golf on championship courses. Enjoy a cocktail hour cruise on vintage paddle steamers. Stroll along a lakeside promenade. Explore old hill towns or medieval shopping arcades. Visit fine art museums. Dine in historic Guild Houses or fine restaurants. Go to the Opera. You can ski or snowboard in winter.

There's no end to attractions in Switzerland

Tradition & Innovation :
With its Alpine peaks, pure air, tradition and hospitality, independence, democratic institutions and international outlook, Switzerland has always been a preferred destination since the coming of the railways more than a hundred years ago.
Add to this the cultural heritage of Europe in the arts, architecture, nusic, drama - which cannot be match elsewhere - and the increasing interest in sports and outdoor activities and you have an irresistible combination.

Our Cities :

A city canton with nearly 200,000 people and 2000 years of history, is located at the elbow of the Rhine where the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland meet. It is the centre of the pharmaceutical industry and the site of major trade fairs - the oldest of which, the Autumn Fair, has been held annually since 1471. Basel, famed as a centre of the humanist movement,was for many years the home of Erasmus of Rotterdam, who is buried in its cathedral. Many scholars have lived and taught here after him. The town has the oldest university in Switzerland (1460), some 30 museums, ( it's a world center for modern art ), the country's first musical theatre, a town theatre of international renown, and countless small theatres. The city touches on three different countries and contains many treasures in its great museums, Shopping reflects the city's cosmopolitan culture. The international airport is just five miles from city center.

Founded in 1191, Bern has been the Federal capital of Switzerland since 1848. It's largely a medieval city with sandstone buildings, historic towers, fountains, and pillared arcades sheltering pedestrians along the narrow streets, all encircled by the Aare River. Bern has been designated a world Heritage Site by UNESCO. Noted also for its Fine ArtMuseum with the world's largest collection of Paul Klee paintings, and its lively performing arts scene with modern dance and jazz. Here Einstein developed his relativity theory and Tobler created Toblerone chocolate.

At the southwestern tip of Switzerland, Geneva is almost completely surrounded by France. The city lies on both sides of the River Rhone which here flows from the Lake of Geneva ( Lac Léman ), biggest in Europe. To the north are the Jura Mountains and to the south and west the Alps dominated by Mont Blanc. Once part of the Holy Roman Empire, the city earned the right to self rule in 1387 and became a focal point of the Reformation under Calvin in the mid 16th Century. Huguenots found it a haven as did radical thinkers such as Rousseau and Voltaire in the 18th Century. Today the city is the European HQ of the United Nations and headquarters to many international organizations such as the Red Cross, ILO and CERN. It's a cosmopolitan cultural and financial center, with many foreign residents, fine shops and restaurants, art galleries, night clubs, theatres and concert halls. A © Lucia Degonda

(meaning between 2 lakes) is one of Europe's leading resorts. Its reputation derives from an unrivalled location in spectacular countryside, a pleasant climate, splendid sports facilities, easy access and a wide selection of excellent hotels. The town is located between the lakes of Thun and Brienz, at the foot of the towering trio of the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau. The renowned Casino is the focal point of Interlaken's social and cultural life. Nearest airport is Zurich for Intercontinental flights and Bern for European flights.

To come to Lausanne means to fall in love with this captivating, joyful resort. Its most striking feature is its rural, hillside setting.There are few cities bordered so closely on three sides by charming countryside and on the fourth by a peaceful lake, and there are fewer yet built so gracefully on a series of natural terraces. There is an infinite variety of attractions in and around Lausanne. Glaciers,mountains,lakes,castles and museums,educational visits and study tours, nightlife and gambling, summer and winter sports and shopping. It's also the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and the adjoining Olympic Museum.

Easily reached from Zurich airport (35 miles), situated in the very heart of Switzerland on the Western shore of the Lake of the Four Cantons (Vierwaldstättersee), Lucerne has long been popular with visitors who come to enjoy its promenade, its magnificent mountain setting and atmosphere of relaxation. Enjoy a walk through the Old Town, with its Painted House, two wooden bridges, the Lion monument, the ancient walls and fortifications, the Transport Museum and IMAX theatre. Catch a performance if you can at the new Concert Hall, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. Lucerne is the perfect jumping-off point for some 50 exciting excursions by rail, coach, and Lake Steamer. The city offers history, culture, fine art, sport, shopping and entertainment, unrivalled scenery and a warm welcome to every visitor.

The most frequented resort on Lac Léman (Lake of Geneva), thanks to its beautiful location. It stretches gently along the shores of a wide south-facing bay and rises above the lake like a huge amphitheater amidst the wooded, vine-clad slopes, sheltering it from the easterly winds. Many festivals, such as the July Music program, enrich this lively resort. Montreux has always attracted many visitors: its palm trees and pomegranates testify to its mild winters. Chillon Castle a few miles along the lake was immortalized by Byron and is one of the most romantic sites in Europe. Montreux is just an hour and a half's drive from Geneva International Airport.

Switzerland's largest city (altitude 1,345 ft) has a population of 340,000 in the city center and over a million in Greater Zurich. Few cities in Europe can match Zurich as a shopper's paradise, as evidenced by the luxury shops of Bahnhofstrasse. Many famous people have appreciated Zurich. James Joyce liked its wine, Goethe its scenery, and Lenin enjoyed working in the fine Central Library. As a major commercial and financial center, the city is proud of its art galleries, antique auctions, gardens, museums,monuments, theatres, opera, and concerts. Zurich also boasts a vibrant night life centering on the Dörfli pedestrian zone with its many bars and discos, as well as many international festivals and parades.


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